10 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2018


Android is ruling the market because of the higher level of customization prospects for its users. When we talk about the customization then the launcher Apps are the first one to be in Android users mind. Android smartphones devices have pre-installed evasion Launchers. But there are present lots of third part launchers that you can easily replace with your default launcher in your Android device. We all have different needs, tastes, preferences and operational approach. If you are not happy with the home screen and the catalog of the entire app presented to you in your smart phone then you don’t need to compromise.

Launchers are the one of the most customizable part of Android devices as for many these devices are inoperable without a launcher. Because the third party launchers proposes a better customization that suits your need according to your requirements. With these launcher apps you can do some amazing stuff with diversified features.

best android launchers

You can get lots of choices but with more options the difficulty level increases so we shortlisted the top 10 Android Launcher Apps for your convenience.

10 Best Android Launcher Apps

1. Buzz Launcher

This android launcher app is the personification of customization. This launcher app has been shared by the thousands of users. It has a unique home screen customization service named as ‘’Homepack Buzz’’ with a unique feature that has been uploaded more than 700,000 home screens. The best part is with this launcher app you don’t need to install any other app in your Android device. The presence of many nods on your home screen can easily access many shortcuts with just a swipe of your finger on your screen.

The built in RAM cleaner and app-locker made it super-fast. It also has some beautiful screen effects in it that quite resembles to live wallpaper. It overlays the existing wallpaper with the animation effects and you don’t need to replace the existing one.

2. Apex Launcher

The first launcher app (Buzz Launcher) we mentioned earlier was best for the shortcuts and diverse functioning. But as we all have different preferences. So, if you are looking for the visually spectacular launcher app then the Apex launcher is your station to download. It comes with the thousands of themes and icon packs. It is equally suitable for the smartphone devices and tablets. It has 9 customizable home screens and an app drawer in which you can hide apps you don’t need.

Apex launcher

You have to pay some amount to get the pre version of this launcher app. But the money you pay will left no guilt because it unlocks many gesticulation options, superfluous features and influential app drawer customization.


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