10 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2018


3. Action Launcher

Action launcher is one of the most favorite android launcher app. Its unique features like quick theme and shutters add more attraction to this launcher app. With the help of quick themes you can easily customize the colors of your UI based on your wallpaper. And you can check out an app’s widget without setting on the home screen with the help of shutters.

You can make your phone feel like Android Oreo with its customization elements and theming. More than that, the app drawer is configurable with frequent updates, icon pack support and much much more made your actions smoother with this action launcher.

4. Lawnchair Launcher

This launcher app sorts many features similar to the Pixel launcher (Pixel launcher is a launcher that is pre-installed in the Google pixel devices but for other android devices you can also download that launcher). With the pixel launcher features it also has some others in it. So this launcher is a good combination and one of the newer android launcher apps. This app is vastly spontaneous app with the Google cards and app propositions.

It’s new features that are not present in the pixel launcher includes android Oreo shortcuts, icon pack sustenance, adaptive portraits, notification dots and many other customizations. It is free without ads and in-app purchases.

5. Nova Launcher

This one is a lightweight, fast and efficient Android Launcher app. This one is my personal favorite and definitely values an attempt on this app. Its prime version reveals some expedient features. One of them is its support to dock customization and in the app drawer it shows frequently used apps as a top row. With this you also can easily customize your folders and icons. Notification badges and masses of gestures with many other features made this fall in the top 10 Android Launcher Apps.

Nova Launcher

6. Everything Me Launcher

Everything me launcher is a fully clad android launcher app that left the play store in the year 2015. But the good news is it is again available for download from Google Play Store in January 2017. It comes with some amazingly cool features. With this launcher app you can automatically categorize your apps. It has an appropriate background of things like calendar events, missed calls, notifications and many others. You need to do some learning with this app but once it’s done it proves to be very useful. It’s free to download with all its efficiency and smart features.

everythingme launcher



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