3D photos are now rolling out on Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social media networking site. People are obsessed with this networking site because you can meet and greet with your family and friends from your place and share precious moments with each other. It’s a fun site and the excitement level is going to be raised as from now you can roll out 3D photos from your Facebook account.

During F8 Conference Facebook announced about the new feature they are going to launch in the near future. They were working on this feature that will make your typical 2D picture appears to be the 3 dimensional photos when posted in the News Feed. They announce that in May and the wait is over because the 3Dphotos are now rolling out on your Facebook.

From now you can see the 3D pictures in the News Feed and also in VR with Oculus Rift (Firefox) or Oculus Go. It allows everyone to add more life and depth in their memories they used to share with their Facebook family. With this technology the view in the picture captures the distance between the focus in the background and foreground.

3d facebook photos
Image Credit: Facebook

To capture a 3D photo is very simple; all you have to do is use your Dual-lens Smartphone. Click picture in the Portrait mode and then twitch to create a new Facebook post. Tap the menu icon of the post screen in the top-right and click on the 3D photo. It will bring you to the portrait photo folder in your smartphone. You have to select photo you want to share and then post it as you usually did. You can enjoy the 3D photo images with the life like dimensions. This technology will be available to everyone within few weeks.

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