7 Great Things Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Can Do But iPhone Can’t


Though I was a pro-iPhone user and have been using it for 11 years something has moved me to switch this with all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I have made this decision this September. Even when the Apple announced to launch their all new iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and XS max, it didn’t excite me enough this time and haven’t made me change my decision.

It’s not me who changed their mind but about 72% among the 480 consumers have decided to switch their phones. They have decided that they won’t get any new iPhone this year according to a survey made in August 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Image Credit: Jimmy Im

I have been using this new Samsung Galaxy model from about one month and I have no regrets so far getting this phone for myself. Going through some videos and blogs related to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I have same to knew that there are some silent features of this phone which I haven’t unveiled yet. These features are very cool, and I haven’t found a single among them in my previous iPhone.

Following are some cool features one must know while being a user of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

1. Scheduled text messages

You can now add a subject to your messages as you do with your emails. You can even handwrite your text message with the S Pen. But the most stunning feature is that you can schedule your massages now. You just need to choose the text and click on “schedule a text message”. The Calendar will pop up. Set a desired date and time you want that message to be delivered.

You won’t get this feature on iPhone. For this, you have to have to download a Schedule App for this. But this app would cost you dollars.

Scheduled text messages Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Credit Image: Jimmy Im

2. Setting a video as your home screen display

I am so amazed at this feature of the Samsung. I have set a video of my dog on a street as my home screen display. I haven’t seen this feature so far in any of the phone either an iPhone or another android set. I have found that many people were unaware of this feature after I posted this as a story of my Twitter. People started asking how I made it. Well, it’s something we should be acknowledging Samsung about. You can do it by just opening your “Gallery”. Select the video you like as a display of your lock screen. Click the three dots at a right side of your screen. Click “set as wallpaper”.

Setting a video as your home screen display
Credit Image: CNBC


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