7 Great Things Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Can Do But iPhone Can’t


6. Beast mode

Firstly, it has a beast mode in it which boost its performance and make it do work at a faster rate. It takes a few seconds to open heavy Apps like Twitter and Facebook. You won’t have to wait too long to surf them up. While it takes you more time while using an iPhone. To enable this mode, you need to open your “settings”. Then click an option that reads “about phone”. Scroll down to the “software”. Click “build number” for seven times and you would get a pop up about the developer. Scroll down and click “Animator duration scale”. The animator would be set as 1x by default. Make it 0.5x. You would boost your phone.

Qualcomm 845 Processor

Samsung Galaxy Note9 is equipped with the Qualcomm 845 processor in it which is made to run at 2.8GHz. This is far faster than iPhone which is made to run at 2.39-2.5GHz.

Beast mode Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Credit Image: Jimmy Im

7. S Pen

S Pen is so convenient. You can use this to write your notes on a notepad or even on a webpage while browsing.

The best part about this handy pen is that you can even select the text which you can’t copy normally like Instagram captions or comments of your desire.

Apple is not yet equipped with any such feature.

S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Credit Image: Jimmy Im


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