Apple Confirms New Transformational Technology for Upcoming iPhones


While other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung strive for upgrading the hardware of their upcoming devices, Apple decides to experiment with the same technology. This was confirmed by the recent patents published at Patently Apple.

New Hinge Arrangements for the upcoming iPhone models:

The latest patents by Apple show that the chief design officer and the CEO of Apple have decided to continue the existing transformational technology for the new iPhone XR. The details of the patent show that the company has decided to extend the previous folding iPhone patent. In the extended version, they would be including new hinge arrangements for the iPhone. Furthermore, they will be introducing new materials to cover the workings of the hinges.

The second patent by Apple highlights the new additions to the original invention. Their main focus is on the addition of the flexible hinge. Moreover, they will be using a fabric for the housing. The flexible hinge will be coupled between the first and the second housing portions. This arrangement of the hinge will allow it to flex such that the first housing portion could rotate relative to the second housing portion.

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Besides this, the foldable display of the iPhone will be having three display portions such that the first and the second display portions will be separated by the third display portion. Furthermore, the third display portion will overlap the flexible portion of the housing comprising fabric.

According to the company, a third of the Z-folded display screen will be visible due to this trifold approach. This visible portion of the display will reportedly serve the purpose of a standby screen.  It may even offer complete iOS features when the phone will be closed.

The first iPhone by Apple had a 3.5inch display. And at that time, a lot of people asked for a more compact design. Now, the iPhone with Z-fold display could offer a return to that form factor while keeping the thickness same. And most probably, the folding options will be offered for the Plus and Max iPhone styles.

They have decided to publicly file the identifiers for all new models in the Eurasian database according to a report on Consomac. The upcoming iPhone model identifiers will be: A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105, and A2106. Here we have three clear runs: A19, A20, and A21.

According to the Eurasian database, all the devices will be running iOS12. The budget iPhone X will have an A19 identifier with a 6.1-inch display. The second generation will have an A20 identifier with a 5.8-inch display screen. While A21 will be the identifier of the iPhone X Plus with a massive 6.5-inch display screen.

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For the first time, Apple will be launching three new iPhone models at a time with significant features and exciting upgrades. Up till now, we have heard a lot of rumors about the new upcoming iPhones by Apple. The design, specifications, smart technology, and prices of the new models are already under discussion. But now, Apple has confirmed all such rumors about the new upcoming models.


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