IPhone XS Max 256GB retails for $1249 but actually costs just $443 to make, WOW


Apple’s new launch of iPhone XS Max 256GB is probably the most premium smartphone with the retail price of $1249. Most of the loyal customers of the company are dying to grab their own set as soon as possible. These new launches bring some new modifications in their design with spectacular upgrading in their devices. But what will be your reaction when you came to know that the device you are dying to buy and ready to pay $1249 actually costs just $443.

Isn’t it WOW?

According to the recent teardown the estimated material prices of iPhone XS Max with 256GB RAM is $443. This material cost is higher about $50 as compared to the iPhone X estimated material cost.

Apple iPhone XS
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Some Tech insights estimated the component costs of iPhone XS Max 256GB that is one of the most expensive iPhone ever sold. According to the estimates most of the money spent on its display that is the handset’s display costs $80.50, chipset costs $72.0 and RAM for $64.50. The total estimated cost is about $443 without any promotional, distribution and R&D cost. But without any other additional cost the gap between retail price and the material cost price is about $800.

If we make a comparison of this newly launched iPhone XS Max 256 GB with the iPhone X launched last year then the difference is about $250. The material cost of iPhone X was $395.44. the retail price of iPhone X 64GB started at $999 for its buyers and the retail price of iPhone XS Max 64GB starts at $1099.

If we talk about the most premium smartphones then the biggest competitor of iPhone devices is Samsung’s Android Galaxy S9 Plus. According to the tech insights the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus estimated material cost $379. And the retail cost at the launch was $720 that was almost double to its material cost.

On the other hand iPhone XS Max retail cost is triple to its estimated material cost.


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