Apple’s iPhone XS Delivers Screaming 4G Speed Boost


The new Apple XS has brought one amazing feature that its customers are going to enjoy nonetheless. Yet the company is bent on bringing more updates to its customers in the iPhone upcoming XR. These phones are the best updates so far because of the reason which is recently revealed.

The teardown expert iFixit has found out that there is an additional antenna in these two new phones. This is not only giving these phones and exceptional 4G performance but also it supports your phone to support the Cat 16 Gigabit LTE. These features make the new phones phenomenal.

The Speed Smart app which is used across the world to measure the speed of 4G in different phones like T-mobile, AT&T carries, androids, Verizon and iPhone XS has found out that iPhone is delivering huge gains against the iPhone X by about two to three times.

New iPhone XS and iPhone XR

For those who love to use heavy data, this alone could be a reason enough convincing to go for this new update. The iPhone XS and XS Max features are mostly combined in the iPhone XR in price comparatively less. With that advantages it comes with a small loophole which is it still uses Cat 12 LTE that was previously in iPhone X. all of us know that it is a far away talk when we look at today’s level of speed the customer demands.

But iPhone XR is not at all a bad option either along with the features it has an extraordinary battery life which is unlikely in the others. So here it is, different phones with different features. What if Apple could bring a phone which had all of these features together in one set? We can still hope and enjoy with what is at hand. Happy iPhoning you all Apple customers out there!


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