Batman Arkham Origins Studio May Be Working on Two Open World DC Universe Games


Waiting for your all-time favorite DC games which are not based on fighting? Well, you must have heard rumors about the triple AD-C games on the release of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015 but haven’t got any official confirmation of the release.

Well, we have brought an interesting news that WB games may be offering you some exciting new arrivals. At a recent Humans of gaming program, senior game designer of WB Montreal, Osama Dorias, gave a hint about two new DC games are being formulated in the gaming studios.

Batman Superman Two Major DC Universe Games

One of the WB gaming spokesmen said that the DC universe games are one of the best console games worldwide. There are various projects which are running and it is too early to talk about them. Adding further to the curiosity, he said but it is going to be a big bang.

But, finger cross! We still don’t know what they are up to? Dorias have already provided us with a hint when he was talking about his interests in DC franchises, and he said that he is a big fan of DC universe and while being an employee there he has worked on many projects. He had shared the photos of Superman and Batman characters on his social media which provide us with a hint that the DC universe games might be working on Superman WB games this year. So, the rumor about the superman is soon going to become true.

What do you think their next project would be about? Batman has always been so interesting, but Superman is going to be more fun. Well, to think something new, I can imagine a game with a wonder woman and a green lantern? Well, it’s just an imagination. We have to wait to find the exact treasure.


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