Google Password Checkup Extension: A tool to protect your passwords from hackers


It is important for everyone to protect one’s personal information. And yes it is one’s basic right too!

With the advancement in technology, hackers have also learned various methods to hack the password. Hackers have developed new ways to find out the passwords. They are doing this for different purposes and we are afraid the intentions behind this are not good. But Google is trying its best to tackle with these hackers. Google has developed a new tool, which is absolutely free for its users. This tool will let you know about the exposure of your login information.

Google passwords security tool
Image Credit: CASEY CHIN

Password Checkup Extension- people who use Google Chrome can now download this tool freely. This extension will monitor different websites logins. If you log in with a username and password which is already compromised then Google will immediately warn you about it. So that you can change your username and password before getting into any kind of trouble.

Google cross-checks the login IDs of its users. This checking is done on daily basis by collecting the data from passwords and usernames dumps. Almost four billion databases are updated on this basis. Hackers get data from different ways and post large databases of people’s usernames and passwords online on various websites like LinkedIn and Yahoo. This happens because many people use the same passwords across different websites. Hackers by any mean get the information and then hack different IDs of same and different users.

Cryptography experts of Google Chrome and Stanford University designed this Password Checkup Extension. It is only available on Chrome browser. Peoples’ usernames and passwords will be encrypted so Google will also be unable to see them itself.

When Google comes to know that its users’ passwords and usernames of different Google applications are exposed then it resets them immediately. As it is already mentioned that this feature is only available for Google hence non-Google applications will not be able to reset the usernames and passwords. This is an important step to protect the Google accounts.

Besides, Password Checkup Extension there are other applications which are currently working to protect the IDs from hackers. Names of such applications are 1Password and Dashlane.


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