Instagram is bringing notifications to your browser app and Instagram lite


Instagram is reaching some milestone of popularity with every passing year really fast. This social media networking site is equally popular amongst celebrities and commoners. Instagram is strengthening the web experience and toting better features with the passage of time. If we talk about the most recent advancement then this is the notification support in Instagram browser app and Instagram lite.

Yes its true Instagram is bringing notifications to your browser app and Instagram lite. The wait is finally over for the users who log in Instagram from Chrome. Instagram now supports notifications to your browser and when they turn on notification they came to know about the new followers, likes and comments. It is also applicable to the Instagram lite but at that time in the testing phase. It has been launched in Mexico earlier this year and when it moves out of its testing phase then it is expected to be available in the rest of the world.

Instagram notifications for browser app

With this advancement the web and lite experience of Instagram users is nearer to the actual version of their services before. The only drawback is you still can’t upload videos and direst messages through this service.

Overall, I found this to be interesting and let’s see how this big change behave and how fans reacts to it.


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