Magnetic fields explains a lot about Life on other planets


We have learned it in our initial studies that earth has its own Magnetic field. This magnetic field assists us to navigate the oceans. In addition to this, it also scavenges the atmosphere and the earth from the strong ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. But the question is do the other planets have the same magnetic field to protect their emerging lives.

Now researchers came up with a new exoplanet that is five times the size of Earth and constitutes its own magnetic field because of its magma oceans.

They also conclude that the churned out molten rocks that were present under the surface of the earth were responsible for the generation of a strong magnetic field. The iron outer core of the earth is responsible to generate a magnetic field. This discovery is the new regime for the generation of the magnetic field on planets.

magnetic fields tell about other planets
NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/Tim Pyle

The magnetic field generated on Jupiter was primarily because of liquid and metallic hydrogen. While it is generated by ice on Neptune and Uranus. The molten rock is a novel reason which is now added to the reason behind the magnetic field.

The correlation between the planet’s interior and the magnetic field tell us a lot about the internal makeup and the information regarding its origin. They believe that if anybody finds a new exoplanet in the future and if he found that the planet is having its own magnetic field then it might be having a magma ocean.

The presence of a magma ocean is also a clear indication of the existence of life. The magnetic winds prevent the atmosphere of the planet to blow out by the winds. These magnetic fields are responsible for evolutionary processes.

Internal Dynamo of Earth

The magnetic field inside the earth is merely because of the outer core containing iron in it. This molten liquid iron undergoes sinking and rising which creates a persistent magnetic field on the planet’s spin. The earth’s core has gone melting from about 4.5 billion years before and there might be some layers left which are still in their molten form. Is the molten lava the reason behind the magnetic pull? The same question was arising when the super-Earths came into being. These super-earths are massive bodies with a molten core and they were found spinning around the stars.

The earth’s interior is made up of silicates. At STP, the silicates act as insulators. The silicates start conducting electricity when they are exposed to elevated temperatures and pressure.


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