A 2,700 MEGATON Asteroid FT3 might hit Earth this October


The NASA asteroid tracker earlier this year has revealed that the planet Earth will likely to fall prey of a massive asteroid by end of this year.

What makes the asteroid so dangerous?

The approaching asteroid is named as Asteroid FT3. This giant object measures almost 1,115ft in diameter and has a destructive power of around 2,600 megatons. This rocky monstrous object is also termed as so-called Apollo-type space rock, which means that it follows the same orbit as asteroid 1862 follows. It also means that it circles the Sun within the asteroid belt. The NASA report further reveals that the weight of asteroid is 55, 000,000,000 kg.

Asteroid FT3 hit earth this October
Image: GETTY

When shall it hit the Earth?

According to the NASA discovery, the asteroid shall mark first 165 approaches between 2019 and 2116 and the first day on which it shall fall on the Earth is October 3 of this year. NASA further estimates that the asteroid may then hit the Earth again on October 2, 2024 and then on October 3, 2025.

What are the implication of this massive asteroid hitting the Earth?

Whatever the date of falling is predicted, such event will lead to cataclysm. If the asteroid passes by the Earth, the risks of destruction may be low but if it directly bumps into the planet Earth, which could lead to severe damage. It is expected that if the asteroid would hit the Earth at the point of atmospheric entry it would hit the Earth as the speed of 20.37km per second which would create a massive force impact of 2,700 megatons of TNT. In comparison, the nuclear bomb dropped over Hiroshima in 1945 by the end of World War II generated the force impact of 13,000 to 18,000 tons of TNT.

This clearly portrays the massive destruction that is likely to follow after hitting of this giant asteroid.


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