NASA unveils Galaxy photos that look like a Star Trek Enterprise


Metaphorically speaking, the astronomers have located the USS Enterprise in Space which was believed to be the final frontier by Captain Kirk.

NASA has recently come up with the pictures of Galaxy Abell 1033, the cluster, that has a complete resemblance to the fictional Starship from Star Trek.

They believe that this cluster is 1.6 billion light-years distant from Earth and such clusters are one of the largest structures held by the gravity in the entire Universe.

With the assistance of radio data and X-ray analysis, the astronomers have a belief that the Abell 1033 is the cluster of two galaxies which are near to collide. This event has resulted in the production of shock waves just like the sonic booms which are produced by a plane which is moving faster than the speed of the sound.

nasa star trek enterprise

According to an abstract, the interplay could be a good chance to reenergize the relativistic particles that were primarily injected by the active galactic nuclei. This interplay is between the radio-emitting plasma and the intra-cluster medium.

The image also entails a random data of psychological phenomenon of familiar shapes and patterns aka Pareidolia.

The Chandra X-ray Observatory has also posted a video of Abell 1033. This video has helped the physicists to understand the phenomenon of cosmic collisions.

NASA noted the emergence of high-speed particles by the matter into the black hole due to the galactic collision. These high energy particles appeared as jets. The electrons in the saucer part of the jet are far much than the electrons in the neck part. This might be because the electrons have been reenergized when the jet encounters with the shock waves. NASA also believes that the high energy electrons emit a substantial amount of energy as they radiate.


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