Palm Phone Might Save You from Smartphone Addiction


Smartphones have made us addicted to them. People are suffering from health issues like back pain and neck pain due to excess use of smartphones. Now the tech companies are looking for are some options to save us from smartphone addiction. Recently, they introduced a new Palm phone with the functions similar to a smartphone lite. It is a tiny smartphone intended to cure your smartphone addiction.

Palm Phone: A New Solution to “Zombie Scrolling” Syndrome:

Palm phone has been introduced as a companion to our main devices. The message behind this portable device is to make you feel irritated while operating the phone. In this way, you might save yourself from “zombie scrolling” syndrome.

smartphone addiction

We are all aware of the negative effects of smartphones. So, the idea of a companion phone for our smartphone seems ridiculous at first. But it actually becomes more credible for us to think about it. Because chances are we might be thinking something else every time, when we unlock your phones. We might not be interested in scrolling through various apps but we fail in just stopping ourselves to do so.

This happens because quitting networks and smart devices is as difficult for us as it’s difficult for smokers to quit smoking and just leave cigarettes for long. The ever-growing number of active users in the annual earnings’ reports of the mobile companies show that people can’t simply quit technology because of the benefits they get from it. However, the nonstop usage can be reduced by using phones like Palm phone.

This phone is known as Palm phone because it fits in your palm. This smartphone has a tiny 3.3-inch screen with the dialed-back specification. They have specifically designed the screen of this smartphone smaller than other devices to make it less compelling and immersive for the users. You can click images using its camera and run apps on it, but you won’t want to do something such a small screen with relatively slow speed. This is how you can stay connected with the world around you more than you are connected to your phone.

According to the Palm phone makers, it might not be the first phone to try to disconnect us from being hyper-connected to our smartphones. However, it might be the most promising phone in this regard. Since it’s not cutting you off from your digital world so much. But it will make it less alluring. The no. of apps that could be run on this phone would be smaller. Moreover, the apps would run slower on this phone compared to the conventional smartphones. It’s designed like that the notifications could be easily muted. Furthermore, there are no volume buttons to adjust. Using it won’t be seamless for the users, but that’s the point.

palm phone control smartphone addiction
Image: PALM

With such features, it is possible that the users might just decide to leave their main phones at homes while carrying this mini-phone. This act will help them in staying connected to their digital delights but with lesser negative effects.


As the Palm phone hits the market, the hot topic of discussion is if a new technology can really save us from an existing technology? Because quitting any device might not be the solution. People desire to carry their smart devices along with them to feel connected. Yet they would like to save themselves from being hooked to their devices. So, the devices like Palm phone might serve the purpose.


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