Samsung Galaxy S10 to feature notch-killing all-screen display


The present upsurge of edged phone sets is going to be end soon this upcoming year. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is now the center of interest with a wide display and open hole technology in camera.

A statement given by the Samsung Leakster i.e. ice universe reveals that the open hole camera technology is going to be the conventional technology in the upcoming years. This statement might have caught the interest of all the notched phone users which are or going to suffer from damaged or eaten edges.

The Samsung galaxy S10 is going to be the very first phone in the production market of telecommunication with this technology. Previously, the Samsung was denying introducing any alteration in their models as seen in Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note9. One must be thinking either they are going to introduce this technology or not? Well, the ice universe has long been known to have actual reveals about the upcoming Samsung technology. After their statement, this rumor is no more a rumor as it has been confirmed by the officials.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Screen Display
Image Credit: AndroidLeo

So, very soon we would be having a notch-free phone with an attractive wide display by Samsung on their 10th Galaxy anniversary.

Well, save your money and grab the most advanced and stunningly wide display Samsung Galaxy S10. It has been revolutionized with the latest open hole camera and scratch-free technology.


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