Samsung Galaxy X under pressure as Huawei confirms 5G folding phone


The company knows well when to hold and when to fold them.

It has been so long we are having rumors about the foldable phone being offered by Huawei from July. The company’s CEO has further added to the confirmation about the launch of their Matte 20 set reported by the digital world.

Yu, while attending an event based on foldable phones, narrates that the company is working on this new technology. The company has already spoken about the potentials of this new technology. But this coming year they are found striving to mingle 5G phones and foldable technology in their upcoming models in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X Vs. Huawei 5G Folding Phone
Image Source: billionaire365

5G Funk

Over the past two years, Huawei is believed to invest enough in the 5G infrastructure. But the 5G technology has lost their spark in telecommunication technology in big markets of the US and Australia.

It’s being so long that the company disclosed their new upcoming foldable technology but the owners have a statement that they might be launching these models up to the next year.

The wait for the foldable phones wouldn’t lose your curiosity for this company as they still have much to offer to the consumers. They are offering Matte 20, Matte 20 X and Pro which are way too impressive.

Samsung S8 plus

It was believed that the foldable 5G sets would be a good replacement to Samsung S8 Plus. This phone offers you a 6.2 inches wide and curved display, a size equivalent to a notepad. It provides you with a virtual experience of using a desktop. It carried 64GB storage with a powerful chipset. It promises all new Bixby Al Software. But for the fingerprint sensor users, this phone wouldn’t make a deal as it is not equipped with the fingerprint sensor. Secondly, it costs you a lot. And one more thing to add to its negative impact is the too widescreen that would bother some of its users as they wouldn’t find it convenient.


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