Some useful Gmail settings you wish you knew sooner


Gmail is one of the largest free emails network available in 74 different languages. According to an estimate in our surrounding 1 in 7 people are using Gmail. But there is something alarming for the Gmail users. According to the Wall Street Journal some third-party creators were spying on the Gmail users data. They were collecting information from the Gmail accounts. It is something that makes you worried about your confidential data.

Though this is alarming but still you can save your data and stop the third-party designers to collect data from your Gmail account. Recently Google redesign its Gmail design and in this they add a new feature named as the ‘’Confidential Mode’’. This new feature creates a substantial cut in the security threat to the Gmail users.

According the Department of Homeland the new Confidential Mode feature in the Gmail is very useful. More than that the redesign version of Gmail by Google is full of shortcuts and you can speed up the work process with this. But if you don’t know what they are and how you will use it then it might not be very appealing for many of the users.

Here we discuss some useful Gmail settings you will wish you knew sooner. It will increase the security of your account and also expedite the positive acceleration of your work.

10 Useful Gmail settings you will wish you knew sooner

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

We all are aware of the standard keyboard shortcuts and use them in our regular working process like copy, paste and delete. But if you are striving for the Gmail keyboard shortcuts provided for the email users then you can surely do that.

In order to find the Gmail shortcuts go to settings and find out Keyboard shortcuts under the General tab. Check the circle and save to use it. In classis Gmail you have to find out the ‘’Labs’’ tab while in the new Gmail check out the ‘’Advanced ‘’ tab. Find your own ‘’Custom Keyboard Shortcuts’’. Enable them and save the changes.

When it’s done refresh your page, go back to settings and find new Keyboard Shortcuts tab on the top right banner.

2. Center up your composition box

In the new Gmail design the whole page is dedicated to the new message. When you start a new email the message will instantly appear in the center of your screen. In the classis Gmail format, Gmail places that window in the lower-right corner.

If you still want the traditional format with the email in the lower-right corner and want the larger box then don’t worry about it. You can click on the small diagonal arrow present in the window’s upper-right corner and the larger window will appear in the center of your screen.

3. Get back a sent email

It happens many times that you sent an email before the time or you regret after sending an email. You can undo your send email and get it back but you have to act quickly.

You can undo the send email within the 5 seconds. If the time limit is not enough for you then you can increase the limit for up to 30 seconds.

useful gmail settings

To increase the time limit go to your settings and look for the undo send. By finding the line for ‘’undo send’’ you can get the choices of about 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds. Pick the time limit according to your requirement.


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