Some useful Gmail settings you wish you knew sooner


4. Type your emails with new Gmail

To type your emails with Gmail you have to activate the new Gmail. Because the newer version introduces Smart Compose to save your time and writing your email for you by predicting what is you going to write. This one is one of eth best new features introduces by Gmail. To activate new Gmail you simply have to open the settings gear in the top-right corner. Now select the option ‘’try the new Gmail’’. You ‘’new Gmail’’ is activated now.

To use the Smart Compose go to the settings and click the ‘’Enable Experimental access’’. After checking that, scroll down and save changes. Refresh your page and the smart composer will start automatically. With this feature when you start writing emails you should be able to see the Google’s predictive text showed up on your screen.

5. Use canned responses to save time

Canned responses are basically are the template responses for the messages you send through smart composer. It works simply by sending a pre-draft canned response to those messages you receive from many people having same question or topic. With this you can save lots of time as you don’t need to answer people one by one or retyping, forwarding, copying and pasting.

To use canned responses you have to check out the advance section in your new Gmail settings and enable them.

Open settings and at the top of the page find tab named ‘’Advanced’’. Now find the line ‘’canned responses (Templates)’’. To create you canned response, click as if you are creating a new message and then find the message setting icon which is represented through the three vertical buttons in the lower-right.

6. Manage your inbox junk

You need to manage your jammed inbox junk. You can do that easily with the help of ‘’Labels’’. Go to settings and open the labels section. With this you can hide any category or label you don’t want in your inbox. You can also get these categories on the left side of your inbox.

If you are not interested in some certain category or label messages or you don’t want them in your inbox messages list then hide them with the use of labels. It will instantly analyses the unwanted messages from your inbox list and shrink the number you see.

useful gmail tricks


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