Some useful Gmail settings you wish you knew sooner


7. Block annoying senders

Cyber bullying is getting common these days and somehow we all are affected with these abusive messages. With the help of Gmail spam filter you can get rid of these spammers easily. This issue is getting serious because the negative remarks do have effects on your mind and personality. And if the sender massages has become unbearable and discouraging then you need to block such annoying senders. Any message you receive, shows three vertical dots at the top-right. Open it and click the block button. It will deflect all the messages send by that source.

8. Pick your best conversation style

Gmail was the pioneer for gathering the conversations files for its users that quickly file through a single email filament and develop or collapse specific messages. In Gmail you can easily manage you inbox and also manipulate how these massages are grouped.

In order to pick the best conversation style and stamped your conversations go to the settings and select ‘’Density Display’’. It displays a new box with some options. You can also have an outlook of what it will look like before your activate original density. Select the best one for you and click OK. If you are not satisfied or want another one then simply change it.

9. Limit the number of pages of your email

You can change the number of messages visible on your page with the help of maximum page size. If you don’t want to flip page after page of messages then limit the number of pages of your email. Open your settings and in the general tab selects ‘’Maximum page size’’. In this you will get some drop-down boxes that will help you to decide how many messages you will see per page. It has the highest limit of 100 for first page and 250 for the second one.

10. Organize your inbox in your own way

You can organize your inbox in many ways. We all have different priorities. For some the starred messages are very important or some wants to read the priority messages first. In your Gmail account you can organize them easily.

Click over the inbox tab at the left side of the screen. Now click on the downward facing triangle. Here you get five different types of inboxes. All have their brief description about what they offer. Get the best one for you and organize you inbox the way you want.


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