This Comic Is The Most Delightful Explanation of a Major Space Mission We’ve Ever Seen


This Monday a spacecraft is going to unveil the big mighty Mars. This mission is going to be the best ever space expedition so far.

If everything happens according to the plan, then yea, there is a robot spacecraft named InSight which is going to explore the interior of the mars. But this is a really hard nut to crack. But still, NASA is excited about it.

One of the famous Cartoonist Matthew Inman has come up with a comic revealing the celebration of InSight’s pre-landing which has really amazed the readers. This comic brilliantly entails the beauty and importance of this mission. It also explains the reason that this robotic spacecraft is going to unveil the interior of Mars and other solar planet entities. This comic is really a fun which one must read.

space craft is heading towards mars
The Oatmeal

InSight is way different from the former spacecraft that have landed the Martian Surface before. The Spacecraft is going to nail the Martian surface up to five meters deep. This Spacecraft costs $830 million as it is equipped with all the latest tools to find the elusive interior of the Red Planet.

It constitutes two science experiments one of which, the seismic experiment, is made to gauge the quakes and meteorite impacts. It also has a heat probe which has a self-penetrating property. It is also made to sense any change in the internal temperature.

Other than this, it has another rotation and interior structure experiment that measures the planetary spin of Mars. The data come out as a Vikings.

All the information gathered has a significant impact on both the earth and Mars. This is believed that both the heavenly bodies came into being from the same primordial stuff about 4.5 billion years before. So, unveiling mars would help us to understand that how life came into being.

One of the greater concern of this mission is to find those conditions needed by the planet to retain a life on it. This mission would be a good way to understand the building blocks of both the planet and how they evolve with time. If anybody wants to see the landing, it is going to be live on JPL on 26th November 26, 2018 at 12:00 PT. you can also follow Inman as he tweets all the latest events by NASA.


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