This Gadget allows you to Sleep during your Flights Comfortably


Whenever you drift off on a long flight, the most difficult task is to sleep with comfort. As you fell asleep, your head lolls to one side or other until it rests on someone’s shoulder sitting right next to you. This situation might be embarrassing for you when you wake up and realize that you had been a cause of disturbance to some stranger during your sleep. A company known as Kickstarter has just introduced an innovative sleep system called Napup Fly. It helps travelers to sleep comfortably during flights without snuggling with a stranger.

Napup Fly is your comfort sleep solution during long flights:

The manufacturers of NapUp FLY claim that it can help you stave off snuggling a stranger sitting beside you due to your bobbing head on a flight. Besides this, it is an ultimate in-flight sleep solution for you due to its gentle yet stable head support design.

The Napup Fly+ is an upgraded version of this gadget. It consists of a personal travel pillow, a pair of headphones, and a sleep mask. These three components combine together to support your head during your sleep.

sleep airplane gadget
Image Credit: NapUp

You can attach Napup Fly to the back of your head rest on the seat. It is designed such that the forehead strap covers you from the front. The comfy neck pillow would support your head not to flop when you start to snooze. While the side straps of the system surround your head on both sides. This results in an ergonomic way to sleep peacefully throughout your journey on the plane.

The head flops of the sleep gadget create a cozy sleep environment for you on a crowded airplane. You can fit it to your head size using the Velcro. The front of the system is equipped with a sleep mask to block out the light. There is a sound system on the sides of the gadget with a built-in 0.35mm headphone jack. You can easily block the noise of the airplane with your own music during the flight.

According to the company, Napup Fly is a unique and supportive sleep system that makes your flights comfortable and pleasant. Its uniqueness comes from providing a stable and non-restraining solution for napping on board. It acts like a hug for the face of the travelers. The travelers will be getting a special carrying case along with their NapUp FLY/FLY+ gadget. You can easily fold it up and tuck in the case when you are not using it.

Napup was initially launched four years ago with an idea of stopping the kids’ head from bobbing around while traveling in a car. While Napup Fly is the same idea extended for traveling in an airplane. If the project becomes successful and gets $30,000 by the end of November this year, then the early backers would be getting this gadget for about $35 only. Furthermore, the Napup Fly+ version with headphones would be available for $49. The company plans to start the deliveries around April 2019.


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