Top 19 iPhone accessories for 2019


4. Anker Nebula Capsule

This is an 854×480-pixel projector with an inborn 5W speaker that can create a real cinema-based ambiance at your own place. The best among all the traits is the small size of it as it looks exactly like a can of soda. It ensures prolonged performance.

Anker Nebula Capsule
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

5. Anker USB-C in-Car Charger

This is the best accessory to get along with your gadgets in cars. It can charge heavy devices such as Mac Books. Isn’t it amazing?

Anker USB-C in-Car Charger
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

6. Crazy baby Air 1S wireless air buds

To get along during my trips, I always prefer carrying wireless earbuds in my essentials. They are light in weight and easy to carry. They have 12-hour long battery life.

Crazy baby Air 1Swireless air buds
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

7. Apple USB-C fast charge cables

They are fast charging cables that prevent any waiting for hours to charge up your iPhone. You would get a 50% charging within just 30 minutes.

Apple USB-C fast charge cables
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes


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