Top 19 iPhone accessories for 2019


16. Anker Power Wave

Then, the Anker Power Wave (7.5 Pad) is the best to charge your phone up. It is a USB-C charging device to power your iPhones while working. It is equipped with the advanced state of the art cooling system that charges 30% more efficiently than the trendy power banks. This wave boost technology costs you $45. Its cooling system avoids the heating up of the charger while charging. It ensures faster-charging speed as compared to other charging devices. Unlike other common charging devices, the power wave charger ensures the complete charging of your device within 3.1 hours while the other charging devices took more than 4.3 hours. This can also be used to power your Samsung S8 within 2.6 hours. It is best to be used for iPhone XS and XS Max.

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Pad for iPhone
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

17. Totallee Ultra-thin iPhone Case

It is the ultra-thin cases offered by Totallee. It protects your iPhone from all the damage.

Totallee Ultra-thin iPhone Case
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

18. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

it is a flash drive ranging from 16GB-256GB in capacity. It has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with a battery of its own.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

19. Invisible glass shield

This is a complete shield with ion matrix technology that protects your screen from any scratch, drop or dings. It also protects your eyes from the blue light that causes strain. It maintains the display quality of your phone.

Invisible glass shield
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes



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